Eco-Districts and Local Revitalization

Cities, towns and villages are learning laboratories for sustainability and touch points where policy meets practice – big enough to matter yet small enough to touch. Communities often shift toward sustainability when people start working together in public spaces to create bikeways, community gardens, murals or downtown revitalization strategies, working together in a way that reminds each other of the importance of the effort. “Placemaking” is a framework for designing public spaces that help revitalize the built environment and foster greener development. We worked with the Project for Public Spaces to develop the Placemaking in a Changing Climate workshop that has now served representatives of more than 60 communities. The same tools and strategies can create “eco-districts” where sustainability and revitalization are visibly linked.

“Without healthy social settings, we cannot come together to understand what is happening to our world, and we don’t have the opportunity to act as communities to address great problems.”
Karl-Henrik Robert, founder, The Natural Step.


Placemaking in a Changing Climate:
– workshop for planners and community leaders
Click to open Placemaking in a Changing Climate – pdf document


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May 5, 2017, 2 – 4:30 PM Eco-Districts Workshop. Mid-Hudson Location TBA.


Guide to Eco-Districts for Small Cities, Towns and Villages — a collaborative project of SHV and Sustainable Westchester.