How We Work

Research shows that people are best able to deal with the climate crisis, and take action, when the message is both local and personal. That is, when:

  • They are invited by a trusted source, into a conversation about the local implications of a changing climate, from extreme weather to food security, and the local actions that can scale up to make a difference;
  • When the appeal is based on values (not narrow self-interest or the illusion of convenience);
  • When they are part of a group conversation which helps bring home the reality and provides social support for commitments to action.

We engage communities in “wake-up conversations” and highly participatory projects that measurably reduce our carbon footprint and do more – they demonstrate the power of collaboration and direct local action. We help communities, public agencies and civic organizations to accelerate their efforts for reduced environmental footprint and greater economic prosperity, by forming coalitions that directly affect consumer choices and local planning strategies.